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Sweat is the Holy Water of the Fountain of Youth and Mother Nature is its God.

We feel our sweat primes the pump of the fountain of youth within us and without it for long periods of time we slowly lose our zest and vigor for life. A hard-earned sweat makes all else that follows sweeter. Our bodies work better when given a good heart pounding workout that bathes our entire body with our own life blood. Of course working up to that level intensity requires some practice and the knowledge of your body that comes with it. That’s where we come in and work along with you to slowly and safely ramp up your fitness level.

We use the outdoors as our training grounds. There are no better tools to sharpen your fitness than hills and the wind. And we are outside year round because we feel a good old-fashioned, cold, snowy Wisconsin winter really toughens your mental resolve. And summer is so much more appreciated after toughing out a brutal winter. We have been using brick training since 1988 for preparing for triathlons and we feel all runners should using biking to complement their long runs. The glide that biking provides is a great way to pump some blood through your body in a gentle non-jarring way.





WORKOUTS THAT I FEAR I won't complete that is!

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