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The "GUTS" of lo-fi FITNESS:

Everyman’s Endurance Company


UNcomplicated … Timeless, and Rewardingly HARD

Eons ago before Endurance Training became a Sport, Profession, Hobby, or Passion it probably was a lifestyle and an excellent means of Self-Preservation.

What we mean by the "GUTS" of lo-fi FITNESS is that after you become accustomed to and well-practiced at the simple but effective methods we teach in lo-fi FITNESS, we offer another variety of training of the endurance sort. We will be the first to agree that you can be in fine shape - happy, strong, flexible, fast and already posses more than adequate endurance simply by applying our methods previously taught. So what is the point of bothering with this endurance training thing?

Simple stated, we feel that Long Slow Distance exercise (LSDe) nourishes the soul in a way that can only be experienced by being there and can't be analyzed by reading or watching and is for those who enjoy testing the inner limits of oneself in the hopes of becoming more introspective and ultimately more efficient at going longer faster.

This will be a slow, calculated journey with the main intent being avoiding overuse injuries and burnout. Without this slow build up even a single unplanned, ill-prepared LDSe session can bring the onset of chronic injuries lasting months or longer. We stress that you need to gradually develop a long, slow endurance motor to go along with what you have already gained through the lo-fi FITNESS methods. This motor will be your ace in the hole when the going gets tough in your training and in your life.

And just how do we build YOUR ENDURANCE you ask?

Actually, we don't - you do!

By building a belief in yourself through doing things that you thought were previously impossible - going far beyond your presently perceived mental and physical limits. We help you make your impossible a reality and along the way you become fit and more resilient to whatever comes your way.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”T. S. Eliot  American born Playwright, Poet and Critic (1888-1965)

You will gain something that can't be bought, only earned and never taken away without your consent - the ability to endure all that life has to throw at you. And the resulting inner-confidence will flow into all areas of your life. Making you not only more tolerant of yourself, but just as importantly - more tolerant of all others you encounter in life.

We choose the name EVERYMAN’S ENDURANCE COMPANY based on fond memories of the 1973 album by Jackson Brown titled "For Everyman". For us the term "everyman" equates to an ordinary or typical person, representative of the human race and includes all of us collectively. And we welcome everyone to join us in a communal journey to recultivate their own individual endurance.

We help you to help yourself revive the vigor and zest for life that is normal for all healthy individuals.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired most of the time? Feel like life is passing you by and you seem to be spectating from the sidelines of your very own life? Can't seem to get your head above the rut that has become your everyday existence?

“The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.”

Ellen Glasgow (Pulitzer Prize-Winning American Novelist - 1873 - 1945)

While we are certainly not built to be happy EVERYDAY, is your life currently at a point of being UNCOMFORTABLE most of the time? Are moments of true enjoyment and appreciation of life’s activities in too short supply? Does each day appear to fade into the next with a sense that there is something much better for you? It seems there are two ways of implementing change - forced (loss of job, death of loved one, financial ruin, tragic accident, etc ...) or when the pain of daily living becomes unbearable and change is the only way out as the quote below so eloquently states.

“Nothing happens until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change”

Arthur Burt

Are you FINALLY willing to play one type of discomfort (your present level of unhappiness) against discomfort of another sort (planned, self-induced, temporary and repeatedly practiced) in the hopes of positive change and growing into a stronger and kinder person? Our point is to make friends with being uncomfortable to more enjoy being truly comfortable.

Our methods are very simple to understand. To be clear SIMPLE DOES NOT MEAN EASY. Solutions to most of life's problems are simple to understand and relatively hard to ingrain as a habit or better yet - a lifestyle. If we were to sum up our philosophy in a sentence, our credo would be taken from a quote attributed to Lord Percival, who said “The physically fit can enjoy their vices.” We interpret this to mean that once you gain a reasonable level of fitness, you can live life with passion in all areas. An occasional overindulgence of any sort will not instantly erase any gains you have made or push you back to ill health.

It is a natural law that LIFE WON'T GO WHERE BLOOD DOESN'T FLOW! And regularly moving your body is not a prerequisite for optimal health - it is fundamental. You must “start the do”- perform some action, execute an amount of work, exert some movement, put forth effort, etc...

Come with us and through SIMPLE METHODS begin to routinely circulate your lifeblood through your entire body as intended. The rewards will be astounding when you take the step from understanding how simple the solution is to experiencing how incredible the solution FEELS! Notice an almost immediate upgrade to your quality of life.

We realize you are all too familiar with your own problems and don't need to be reminded of them. Our singular purpose is to help you to help yourself become a better human being through relearning and fine-tuning the instinctive capability of enduring whatever happens to come you way - good or bad! 

Don't come here to impress your friends - come here to impress yourself! Come here not to simply "workOUT", but to “workIN" and "workON" you’re entire being. Working on your inner-game, strengthening your weaknesses and blasting through self-imposed limitations!

We will safely and slowly stair-stair your progress, gradually ramping up your fitness level making sure that your "exercise sessions" are not simply another form of repetitive stress on your body by using a variety of movements, assisting you to reach your goals in a non-judgmental, self-paced, supportive, festive group, semi-private, or private atmosphere.

We use endurance activities as a means of self-discovery. We find from our own personal experiences if one practices the inherent art of endurance through their endeavors they quickly learn how easy it becomes to humble yourself and humility soon follows, which in turn brings us closer to our fellow man, as we realize our discomfort is no more important or special than anyone else’s. We become one with each other, accepting temporary discomfort in the pursuit of inner growth.

We define Endurance Athlete simply as anyone one who measures most of their workout sessions by time, not by distance and looks at life as a challenging, unpredictable event to be savored even when thrown the inevitable curve ball. Of course an athlete must compete in an event, so why not come join us to systematically train for LIFE'S ULTIMATE ENDURANCE EVENT ... your very own existence! Even better through in some racing (Tri's, Bi's, Du's, Running and Cycling Road/Off-Road Races, etc ...)

We feel all of us have an endurance animal just below the surface anxiously waiting to be awakened through practiced, controlled, temporary, self-induced physical discomfort. We could not have possibly gotten this far without the innate, pre-programmed ability to endure long periods of uncomfortability in order to survive and ultimately thrive.

Come with us and test yourself to try something new, different, harder, more advanced and essentially more uncomfortable. And see how achieving things that you previously thought of as impossible boosts your self-esteem and grows inner-confidence that flows into all other areas of life.

We are a community of MANY with ONE central focus - to become better human beings, both mentally and physically and help others around us to do the same through endurance activities. We strive to become more enduring, stronger, faster, more tolerant of ourselves and kinder to each other. We ask that before you enter our domain that you check your ego at the door, turn off the electronic devices that connect you to the ever present digital world and drop the burdensome, emotional baggage we all seem to carry.

Want to be able to walk comfortably up stairs or around the block? Or have you ever considered completing in a 5k (3.1 miles), 10k (6.2 miles), Half (13.2 miles) or Full (26.2 miles) Marathon by running, walking or using a combination of each to finish? Have the desire to compete in a Triathlon or Biathlon as an individual or part of a relay team?

Begin by walking, then jogging and if you so desire step into running. As we feel you can never become a proficient runner without first becoming an efficient walker. And there is no more innate form of human movement than walking. Bicycling is a big part of our system and we can show you how brick training can enhance both your biking and running. If you are new to biking or just need a refresher course we can help you to reacquaint with the bicycle.

Perhaps NOW may be the time for the most important change of your life – pursuing and creating your own HAPPINESS!

Are you ready to explore your own unique human condition through safely practiced, self-induced, temporary, controlled physical discomfort? Using the only R&D (Research & Development) Lab that really matters to you - YOUR OWN BODY!

We are not as concerned with how fast you go but rather how far we can take you!

It is not about you or I, it is about US and what we can do together to reach your goals.

Since you have read to this point, we imagine the obvious question is about THE HOW TO OF EVERYMAN’s ENDURANCE COMPANY? We have spent a fair amount of time and good money after bad trying easy fixes, magic bullets, and the latest hip trends, only to find the solution has always been within us and yes, it can uncomfortable for a time, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Have questions about Fondy’s newest training opportunity?

Contact Steve for further information here.

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